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Wall mirrors

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In modern interiors, a wall mirror is used not only to look into it: to preen before going to work, to assess whether the dress has settled well. Designers include them in their projects as a decorative addition or in order to visually enlarge the space and make it lighter.

Products from leading European factories are made of premium materials. Decorative curly frames do not lose their wonderful original appearance, do not fade and will delight their owner for a long time. High-quality mounting elements ensure reliable installation on the wall. In addition, it is safe to install such mirrors in a children\'s or teenage room, because it is absolutely impossible to drop and break them from an awkward movement.

Prices for wall mirrors depend on the tinting of the reflective surface and the size of the object. Certain models can be ordered in colored and bronze shades to create the effect of a Venetian mirror in the interior. Looking into it, everything around seems warmer and more attractive, as if the room is filled with sunlight even in cloudy weather. In the production of such mirrors, special glass is used, or simply a colored layer of amalgam is applied: gray, bronze, blue, golden. Buying wall mirrors expensively, you get masterpieces of industrial design, some of which are part of the collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The online store presents the most popular models of mirrors that are used by Russian and foreign decorators to decorate not only home furnishings, but also boutiques, restaurants, hotels, etc. Designer collections include not only mirrors with a perfectly smooth reflective surface, but also those in which this characteristic fades into the background. For example, when a large area of the mirror is occupied by an original and elegant frame, around which the whole composition is built. Some models are absolutely not designed to see their wonderful reflection in them. Their multifaceted and uneven surface transforms the space in an unusual way, creating a unique play of light and shadow. Huge mirrors in the form of letters, assembled like a mosaic, become an independent art object in the interior.

Another trend that suggests that practical functions are already fading into the background is the multiple hanging of mirrors on one wall. It is possible to combine elite models that are completely different in format, or choose ready-made compositions from two or more mirrors. Most often they are united by the same shape: round, rectangular, oval, octagonal, etc. For the design of creative asymmetry, similar models are diluted with one mirror, which differs from others by a single element - a frame or tinting. It is difficult to overdo with the compositions of mirrors in the interior, because visually they do not overload the space. In the showroom in Moscow, you can see a variety of ideas using wall mirrors, as well as get inspiration from our designers to create real artistic compositions from these decorative objects.

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