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2Shades - интернет-магазин дизайнерской мебели
2Shades - салон элитной, дизайнерской мебели: современная продукция от мировых производителей
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The Italian company Mogg was founded in Italy in 2012 under the leadership of the talented architect Nicolo Galbiati. The brand's success story began with participation in the annual Salone del Mobile exhibition in Milan. There, the designers demonstrated pieces of furniture that were distinguished by dynamism and attention to every detail.

Curiosity and constant research of the new are the main engines of Galbiati's creativity. Nature, modern culture and art inspire him to fresh readings of familiar forms and things. And many years of experience and skills in this field help him to perfect all products. Those objects that we are not used to paying much attention to in everyday and everyday life appear in a different form and each personifies its own idea. Thanks to this comprehensive approach, Mogg furniture turns out not only attractive, but also functional.

In our online store you will find pieces of furniture from the Italian brand, the appearance of which can be constantly changed. This means that you get one thing, and it can look completely different in the interior and easily change even every day. Do it according to the mood or the situation, from the limitations – only your imagination.

Modules of metal and wooden racks can be rearranged as a constructor. Therefore, it is easy to make the Cellula model vertically or horizontally directed, or to create an unusual asymmetrical composition of compartments. The shelves of the elegant Metrica console can also be swapped, and the vertical bars visually increase the height of the structure and the wall to which it is attached. Prices for Mogg furniture in the catalog depend on the size and color of the goods. Glass crossbars for the Metrica model can be ordered in one of several shades of the manufacturer: titanium, blued steel and matte gold.

Penelope and Vis a Vis floor lamps are more like art objects or sculptures. Therefore, they look advantageous even in the daytime, when they are in the off state. And the floor lamp Tri.Be .The Ca simultaneously performs the functions of a lighting device and a shelving: it is equipped with small shelves on which accessories and decorative items can be stored.

Another universal 2-in-1 item from Mogg in the showroom in Moscow is a pouf with a Zoom side table. You can comfortably throw your legs on it while sitting on the sofa, and put a phone or a cup of coffee next to it. And when it is not necessary, it is easy to fold it and put it in a corner so that it does not take up much space. The headboard of the Big Hug bed transforms and assumes the position of the spine if you lean on it with your back. So wrong and imperfect, it looks creatively careless.

Even the dining tables from the Italian brand look like a work of art in the interior. For example, the Matera stone model creates the illusion of gravity disturbance. The table top, supported by two stones, refers to a unique natural phenomenon. Column cabinets also do not look in space like conventional storage systems. Their unusual shapes decorate the room, while they remain spacious enough for a large number of things.

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