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Designer Sconces and wall lamps

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On the one hand, designer sconces are a wonderful decorative tool that creates an unobtrusive accent in the bedroom or in the living room. On the other hand, it is cozy local lighting, which helps to feel comfortable at different times of the day, and also affects the perception of the interior. Buying wall sconces and wall lamps is expensive, you get original premium-class decorations for your space in a unique author\'s style from leading European designers.

For a romantic setting or working at a computer, you often do not need the main ceiling light, but it is enough to illuminate only a small corner. Elite sconces are also used for soft lighting of paintings and mirrors in long corridors, imitating exhibitions. Wall lamps next to shelves or console tables advantageously highlight photo frames, souvenirs and sculptures. Small point-spaced light sources are also convenient to use as orienting lighting. To do this, they are installed not in living rooms, but in corridors and staircases, where a small light is needed solely to illuminate the path in the dark.

Sconces with smooth diffused light are installed in bedrooms and children\'s rooms. They help you relax faster and get ready for bed. For this purpose, lamps with a dense or opaque ceiling are suitable. Such a night light with a dim calm light can work all night so that the child is not afraid to sleep. In luminaires equipped with dimmers, the brightness of the lighting can be adjusted by changing the camera light to a brighter one and vice versa: smooth switching on with increasing brightness protects the eyesight from an irritating factor.

You can also divide a combined studio or apartment thanks to a competent lighting scenario. If the room is large, then a well-thought-out arrangement of wall lamps allows you to refuse to install partitions. Each zone with such illumination will be used separately. For example, while one family member is reading a book on a sofa with a small island of light, another person at this time can sleep peacefully in the dark at the other end of the room. Everyone goes about their own business, and no one feels uncomfortable. According to the same principle, it is customary to connect paired sconces in the bedrooms around the bed.

Wall lamps in our online store are presented in all popular configurations that are suitable for solving various tasks in the interior. Models with directional light and adjustable base are more mobile. The angle of incidence of light is easy to change in one movement, depending on the situation, so it is better to use such lamps for arranging a working corner. Closed sconces create soft diffused light on the walls, here the lamp of an electrical appliance is usually completely hidden under the ceiling. Prices for wall sconces and wall lamps may vary depending on colors, additional equipment and functions. In the showroom of designer furniture in Moscow, our consultants will help you to choose wall and other lamps in one stylistic concept in order to design high-quality multi-level lighting in your interior.

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