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Coffee and coffee tables

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The interior of a modern living room is almost impossible to imagine without coffee tables. In a different way today they are also called coffee shops – they are all the same piece of furniture, they do not differ from each other in functions.

In the online store you will see coffee tables in various configurations that can be selected for your individual habits and lifestyle. Models with wide and oblong countertops will appeal to hospitable hosts, who often have a large company in their house. At such a table, it is convenient to place several people on the sofa and additional seats to play a board game, console or just watch a good movie over a delicious treat.

Sets of elite tables from composite groups are convenient to use for the design of a large space. When guests come, they can be placed all over the room near each sofa and armchair. The rest of the time they can be stored folded, placed one on top of the other and without taking up much space - on the principle of a matryoshka doll. Such tables are presented in the Quadro and Nido collections from the Sovet brand and many other European manufacturers.

Designer coffee tables come not only on low legs, but also on high bases, like the Tulip, Genius and Vincent models. They have a light weight and at the same time are highly stable, so it is convenient to use them not only in one room, but to transfer them from one room to another. For example, they can be placed in the living room to comfortably have breakfast in front of the TV. And then move them to the kitchen to put snacks on them that did not fit on the festive table.

Prices for coffee and coffee tables depend on the color and material of the models. The Millennium table from the Italian factory Bontempi can be ordered according to your individual project. To do this, it is possible to choose any countertop coating - from transparent tempered glass to porcelain stoneware under marble. The color of the steel crossed legs can also be chosen in such a way that they are combined with other furniture in the room or, on the contrary, act as a stylish graphic accent against the background of a neutral light palette.

Buying coffee and coffee tables is expensive, you get miniature products from famous European designers who maintain a balance of aesthetic appeal and convenient use of furniture. The countertops are made of premium materials, which do not require complex and special care. The surface is easy to clean from food contamination, for example, if you accidentally spilled tea or sauce on it. There are no dents or scratches on glass and ceramic countertops, for example, if your child decided to draw on them instead of paper. Models made of solid wood and veneer are treated with a special impregnation that protects them from deformation and cracks under the influence of wet cleaning.

In the showroom in Moscow you will also find coffee tables made of technopolymer from the Kartell brand. Such pieces of furniture can be used not only indoors, but also taken outside for a gazebo, veranda or summer terrace. The Italian company is working on improving this material, constantly improving its properties. In addition to the fact that they visually resemble crystal or glass furniture, beautifully scattering and reflecting light, they have many practical advantages. Kartell coffee tables do not lose their rich color even when exposed to direct sunlight at noon. The surface does not heat up at all, thanks to this it is impossible to get burned when touched, but hot objects can be safely placed on it – a kettle, coffee mugs, etc. If you store such tables outside, they will not lose their shape from temperature changes or high humidity.

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