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Buy Desiree furniture in Moscow

"Home, soft home" is the philosophy of the Italian brand Désirée, which it has been following since 1968.
The sofa Désirée is a combination of functionality and sophistication. It, like other products of the brand, has a unique design and tells its own story. To buy an Italian sofa Désirée means to buy safety and comfort: every step in the creation of furniture here takes place under the supervision of highly qualified specialists. From reliable and durable structures to upholstery that evenly distributes body weight, every detail in Désirée is made with soul and strict compliance with production technologies.
Cooperation with the world's leading designers for the continuous improvement of the appearance of furniture and technology is one of the priorities of the brand. The bed or sofa and other furniture from Désirée are real works of art with sophisticated design, individual finishes and breathable materials that ensure their durability. The company conducts continuous research and integrates new technologies into its production so that every item, from a folding and corner sofa, a modern Italian bed, a sofa bed, an armchair and ending with a carpet and ottomans, is the best embodiment of made in Italy quality.
Environmental protection is a key activity of the brand, which operates without emissions into the atmosphere and uses environmentally friendly and safe raw materials: wood, metal and leather, which are subject to secondary processing. Packaging materials also meet this criterion: nylon and hot-glued cardboard are safe for nature and protect products from damage.
Désirée is the first upholstered furniture brand that uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. Sofas, armchairs and beds are equipped with a special textile label that protects products from counterfeiting and guarantees the uniqueness of the product. The label can be activated in the mobile application and the product warranty can be extended up to 5 years from the date of manufacture. The warranty covers manufacturing defects in wooden or metal parts of the frame and upholstery.
With the help of NFC technology, Désirée customers can get acquainted with accurate information about an item even years after purchase. To obtain a product identification card, it is enough to place a smartphone next to the label, which will open a web page containing detailed information about the design, assembly, finishing and technical characteristics of a particular model, as well as care instructions. This incredibly useful feature will help the buyer to choose additional materials or a new fabric from the same collection. The technology allows you to save the use of paper, since the documents that are usually attached to the product when it is delivered are no longer required.
You can get acquainted with the prices of Desiree furniture, buy Italian orthopedic sofas, beds, armchairs and other upholstered furniture of the highest class in Moscow, as well as enjoy aesthetics and comfort in the online store 2shades - the official supplier of the brand, as well as in the showroom located at:
Moscow, Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya, 10 p. 9, Artplay Design Center

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