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Kartell Carpets

Kartell 2021



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Designer carpets Cartel can radically change the everyday and familiar look of the living room or bedroom. With just one detail, you can zone a large space or create an accent in the interior around which the entire composition of the interior will be built. 

In a room with a neutral palette, a bright carpet becomes an excellent solution when you want to add saturated shades to the overall composition without radical changes. Such things always create a feeling of warmth in the room in the literal and figurative sense: imagine how great it is to sit on the sofa after a busy day, take off your slippers and put your bare feet on a pleasant-to-touch carpet.

In the online store of premium decor and furniture you will find carpets made of polyamide fibers on a propylene basis. This composition of the material guarantees strength, durability and abrasion resistance. It is easy to remove any dirt from it, and special digital printing ensures the preservation of the saturation and clarity of the drawing even after numerous wet sweeps. If you put a coffee table or chest of drawers on the carpet, the surface will not deform and will quickly return to its original shape, leaving no dents and creases.

Geometric prints combine clear lines, sharp corners and rounded smooth elements. When such different details meet in one design, they instantly attract all the attention of your guests.With an unusual ornament, you will get a lively, attractive space that will reflect your personality.

Carpets have different shapes that are suitable for small and large rooms: round, classic rectangular and original asymmetrical. Prices for Kartell carpets may vary depending on the size of the canvas, which can be selected exclusively for your design project.

When selecting a carpet, decorators take into account the shade and texture of the floor covering so that the resulting ensemble looks beautiful and harmonious. Usually they prefer models whose color set has one or two shades of those that are present in the interior. Marble patterns, curls and combinations of shades are easy to arrange so that they are combined with other interior elements and textiles. In our showroom in Moscow, carpets can not only be seen in ready-made interiors, but also appreciate their softness and incredible tactile sensations from touch.

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